The Media loves a Crisis

crisisThe media are giving us a rest from the GFC (global financial crisis) and now we have the SFC (swine flu crisis). Local Brisbane chemists have sold out of face masks. The news is now full of it and I’m already at the point of changes channels when the SFC stories come on.

Yes, keep us informed. We need to know the facts. But honestly, if we all washed our hands more often, and were more considerate when we cough and sneeze it would go a long way to helping to protect us from this and other infections.

If you want a balanced and unbiased outlook on all things (including the GFC) tune in to Greg Cary 9am to 12 noon and Michael Smith 3pm to 6pm on 4BC.
These guys are brilliant at keeping a calm clear perspective on things and keeping things positive.
Love them!


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Courier Mail Article

Courier Mail Article

While I like to remain upbeat and positive about the economy, there is no denying that there are some peope doing it tough. I thought about what I could do to make a difference and The Initiative was born.

At each of our Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast events we will showcase a couple of people who have lost their job and looking for employment or who are looking to start a new business. With a room full of business people we can help these people get on their feet, find employment and get new businesses started and help our economy grow.

If you know someone who is looking for work or starting a new business please tell them about The Initiative. The form to be included as a participant is here

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Terri on SBS Insight Program

insight2Many of you will know that I am pasionate about staying positive during the GFC (global financial crisis). So much so that I started a group on Facebook called Stop The Media from Talking us into a Recession!

This led me to being invited onto the SBS Insight Program to discuss Confidence in the Economy. Other guests included Gerry Harvey of Harvey Norman and Craig Emerson Minister for Small Business. You can watch the program here if you missed it

Here’s the photo of me with the show’s host Jenny Brockie.

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Can you believe it?

A friend called me this morning to tell me about his shopping experience on the weekend.

He went to one electrical retailer and spoke with a sales person. As soon as he took out pen and paper to write down the price and serial number the salesman walked off and did not return.

In the second store they stood in the home theatre section for 15 minutes and were not approached by anyone and asked if they needed help.

They then proceeded to Harvey Norman where they were dealt with by a helpful sales person and left an hour later having spent $2,000.

I would have thought that the economic market would have encouraged all businesses to lift their level of customer service.

Are you?

How do you compare to your competitors?

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Don’t create your own recession

During times of a slow down in the ecomony, it’s easy to slip into the mode of, “Well there’s a recession, of course business is down” or “There’s a recession, no one is spending any money”

During these times, some people will indeed stop all spending, but the majority will just simply be more careful with their money. More time and thought will go into their purchase and who and where they buy it from.

Remember “People buy people, they don’t buy products”. Make sure you are the first on people’s list when it comes to purchasing a product or service in your field. This is the time more than ever where you need to be out Networking, making new contacts and strenthening and building on existing relationships.

It’s also the time to focus on what you can do to improve your business, so that you stand out from the competition. Things like customer service, follow up, client satisfaction surveys etc. All the things that can sometimes fall by the wayside during really busy times.

Yes, times are tough and some people are doing it really hard, but don’t get caught up in the media hype about the recession. Sometimes if we keep telling ourselves there is a recession, we will create one. Use this time to regroup and refresh your business.

And what a golden opportunity to mention my Business Brainstorming Sessions. 90 minutes where we focus totally on your business and how you can grow and improve. Plus there is a Money Back Guarantee. For more info click here:

Happy Networking!

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Other people’s business cards

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to make mention of how important it is to treat business cards that are given to you with respect. There is nothing worse than handing someone your business card at the breakfast table, only to find it left behind on the table at the end of the event.

Worse still is the person I saw who went through the business cards that came to him from those on his table and flicked back across the table the cards that he was not interested in. Or the person who was seen dumping the business cards he had been given into the bin on his way out the door.

Put yourself in these shoes and think how you would feel if it was your business card.

Not exactly encouraging if you were thinking of doing business with that person and I doubt you would consider referring them either.

Business cards are a fairly personal thing, so remember they are not just bits of card with writing, they are a representation of the person who gave it to you. Remember to take the business cards with you when you leave the table.

Happy Networking!

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Richard Branson – My Hero!

Richard Branson

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of working at the Virgin Ball. Richard Branson has always been my hero, but I have to say I was even more impressed with him after this event.

He is so open to people, so free with his time. There were 3,000 people in the room and I’m pretty certain that he had his photo taken with 2,999 of them. He was constantly surrounded by a crush of people, and he happily posed for photos and autographs for everyone who asked him. He is indeed an amazing man.

I’d like to put it out into the Universe that it has always been my dream to have Mr Branson as my guest speaker at an event, so put those positive vibes out there for me!

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